Company Infomation

Company Infomation 

SHIFT Co., Ltd. which was managed by the then president Mr. Tetsuo Suzuki for 30 years by the name of SHIFT ltd. company, was founded in January 2007.
The former SHIFT ltd. company produced lots of good results in the Japanese motor race such as Gran Turismo Championship, Super Taikyu, and 24 Hours Nürburgring.
Hironori Takeuchi, the present President and CEO of SHIFT, has won the 6th victory in Super Taikyu Series including for the 5th year continuously with driving the racing cars which were performed maintenance by the former SHIFT ltd. company.
The spirit of SHIFT, its teamwork, its development capabilities, and its vitality, precepts that have been passed on since SHIFT’s foundation.

Company name SHIFT Co.,Ltd. President HIRONORI TAKEUCHI
TEL +81-550-78-7152 FAX +81-550-78-7122
The establishment January, 1989
Main business activities -Racing car production and maintenance , -Racing team management
-track car rentals “86 RACER’S”, -Event planning and management
employees 6 employees (as of Oct., 2014)
Client Companies -Toyota Technocraft Corporation , -Mercedes-Benz Japan Co., Ltd.
-Fuji International Speedway Co., Ltd. , -Project MU Co. , Ltd.
-OGURA CLUTCH Co., Ltd. , -HASHIMOTO Corporation
-IDI Inc. , -Fuji WPC Co., Ltd. , -Park Lane Tokyo limited compnay

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about career summary of Hironori TAKEUCHI 

1986 Hironori Takeuchi made his debut as a racing driver at the age of 21.
1989 He won the 1st victory in the Fuji Freshman AE 86class Series.
1995 He participated in Gran Tourism Championship with driving RE Amemiya RX7.
1996 He took part in the Japan Touring Car Competition (JTCC), Japan Gran Tourism Competition (JGTC) GT500 class by belonging to team CERUMO and won his 1st victory in the series of JGTC GT500 class.
Also he was dedicated to developing the vehicle such as Toyota Supra and Chaser. Meanwhile he is in charge of enhancing a lot of tire product development under the request of tire manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Falken, Dunlop, Michelin, Kumho, and Yokohama.
1997 He won the victory in Super Taikyu Series for the fifth year continuously.
2001 He won the victory in two categories, which mean GT500 class Champion Series and Super Taikyu Series. He has become the 1st racing driver in Japanese motor sports history to achieve that feat.
2004 He set up a racing team so called “TEAM TAKEUCHI” and also engaged actively in training project of youth racing drivers for TOYOTA Motors.
2007 He took up a post as a President and CEO of SHIFT.
2008-2009 He assumed a position as the manager of Toyota CERUMO/INGING racing team.
2012 He returned to race circuits as a driver of GT300 class Series with driving Mercedes SLS AMG GT3. Alternatively, he was commended for his 100th battles in GT Series during his career.
Currently he is still actively working as an instructor to train young racing drivers for TOYOTA and in driving school such as AMG Driving Academy. Additionally, he serves as a Vice President of GT Entrant Association as of this year.
2013 Besides taking part in the Super GT series, he manages TOYOTA 86 race car rental service, which is called “86 RACER’S”, cooperated with Fuji International Speedway. And furthermore, he undertakes a new race category “Super Car Race Series”. Thus, he is continuously dedicated to further development of Motor Sports Industry in Japan.

Performance report for the past 8 years

1986 Tsukuba 300km Endurance Race 3rd overal / 2nd in the class
1989 Fuji Freshman (AE86) Champion
1991 All Japan Touring Car Championship
1992 All Japan Touring Car Championship
1993 All Japan Touring Car Championship
1994 N1 Endurance Series
1995 JGTC GT2class 2nd in the series
N1 Endurance Series
1996-98 All Japan Touringcar Championnship 3rd in the '98series
1996-00 JGTC GT500 7th, 10th, 11th, 13, 5th in each series
1997-01 Super Taikyu C1 Series champion in 5 years straight
2001 JGTC GT500 SeriesChampion
Super Taikyu C1 2nd in the series
2002 JGTC GT500 3rd in the Series
Super Taikyu C1 2nd in the series
2003 JGTC GT500 9th in each series
2004 SUPER GT GT300 '06 win the Pokka1000km
2005-06 Super Taikyu ST1 2nd in the series (1win)
SUPER GT GT300 15th,13th in the series
2007 Super Taikyu ST1 3rd in the series
SUPER GT GT300 16th in the series
2008-09 SUPER GT GT500 supervisor
Formula Nippon series supervisor
2010 Super Taikyu class1 3rd in the series
2012 SUPER GT GT300 12th in the series
2013 SUPER GT GT300 5th in the series